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Vortex Protocol

The leading all-in-one decentralized finance protocol on Tezos blockchain.
Trade, earn, and play with next-gen DeFi features to maximize revenue
while lowering risk and gas fees on Vortex AMM.

Optimized DeFi Ecosystem

Vortex offers some of the most sophisticated DeFi tools for traders, liquidity providers and developers on Tezos blockchain. The Vortex ecosystem is a growing suite of scalable Dapps built to drive liquidity through attractive APYs.

Backers & Partners

Exclusive NFT Projects

NFT Launchpad

Get your hands on some of the rarest curated NFTs
on the internet vetted by the Vortex community.
Features include blind-minting, auctions, and blind-auctions.

Energy-efficient DeFi

Green and Clean

Vortex signed the Crypto Climate Accord as it is built on Tezos, a self-upgradable and energy-efficient Proof of Stake blockchain that carries a low carbon footprint. 

Job opportunities


We’re always looking for talents whether they are developers, designers, researchers, great thinkers who want to help build the future of Web3 with us.
Build Web3 with us

24/7 Smakathon

Are you working on an exciting project? We invite all innovators, blockchain enthusiasts, and startups to develop with us. You can reach out to our team and share your ideas with us.

From the blog

Vortex Introduces New Launchpool Feature

We’re ready to start 2022 with a bang and a brand new product update on the DeFi side! (and more to come)
Our Defi suite is a growing ecosystem of applications which currently includes a DEX, native staking app, decentralized lottery game, farms, and analytical modules.

ANTI Token – A Deflationary Asset for Vortex DeFi

We are thrilled to celebrate the upcoming release of our Launchpools with a new Tezos token standard alternative: Fungible Deflationary Asset (FDA), code-named ANTI token! This token achieves some of the critical functionalities within our ecosystem.

Introduction to Vortex DEX: Next-Gen AMM on Tezos

If you’re familiar with the nature of a vortex, it holds a massive gravitational pull to siphon anything in its way. The Tezos ecosystem is evolving consistently, but it is still at a nascent stage when it comes to adoption.